Update 3 – Thick WHOIS, Universal Acceptance, UNODA


Drazek to Chalaby: ICANN Must Decide When to Enforce Thick WHOIS


On 27 August ICANN Board Chair Cherine Chalaby wrote to the GNSO Council asking whether ICANN should allow another delay before enforcing a Thick WHOIS transition policy on domain registries. The delay was requested by Verisign, the .com and .net registry.

GNSO Leaders Keith Drazek, Pam Little and Rafik Dammak responded that the request came from Verisign as a contracted party. This means the request was not a policy matter. ICANN staff therefore had to decide whether to enforce Thick WHOIS compliance.

Thick WHOIS is important because it contains contact information about the owner – registrant – of a domain name. Thin WHOIS doesn't.



Pattullo Wants Universal Acceptance Plan Before Next gTLD Round

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Marie Patullo has called for ICANN to set a 'goal oriented' plan to improve universal acceptance of new gTLDs before the launch of the next gTLD round. In a 10 September 2019 Business Constituency Comment she calls the 84% acceptance rate of TLDs longer than 4 characters 'quite concerning'.

Pattullo also said there is a 50% acceptance rate of internationalized domain names (domains with non-english scripts) at the browser level.

Universal Acceptance describes the goal of ensuring that domain names are accepted in online forms or elsewhere on websites and applications, regardless of their length.

The Business constituency has also called on ICANN to resolve contention sets faster. The constituency finally asks for background on ICANN's assumption that about the same number of applications can be expected as in the last round.


02.10.2019 Update:

Mark Datysgeld clarified that he, Marie Pattullo, Statton Hammock, Jimson Olufuye, Lawrence Olawale-Roberts, and Steve DelBianco all contributed to this correspondence.

Datysgeld recommended a report of the Universal Acceptance Working Group (USAG), in 2019 on the global acceptance of email addresses. The report is available here:



.WEB Preliminary Hearing Set for 2 October 2019

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International Centre for Dispute Resolution Case 01-18-0004-2702 is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on 2 October 2019. The case was brought by Afilias Limited. Afilias is represented by Arif Ali at Dechert LLP and Ethan Litwin at Constantine Cannon LLP.

Afilias alleges that a Nu Dot Co – an applicant for the .WEB top-level domain contract – contravened ICANN rules by not notifying ICANN that it had a relationship with Verisign. Verisign runs the .com registry.



US and 26 other Western states say there Must be Consequences for Bad Cyber Behaviour

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The US State Department has released a joint statement of support for the ongoing negotiations at the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs on Cyberspace matters.

The report also affirms that human rights apply and must be respected and protected by states online, as well as offline, when addressing cybersecurity.